Schloss Cracau. Mit dem Rokoko-Schlösschen ist ein Teil der Familiengeschichte verbunden.

The first, last and only movie pictures of Cracau and its last residents were shot by Bruno von Beckerath in 1932. In the first part they show his parents Raimund and Paula von Beckerath née Zohlen as far as his brother Rudolf called Rudi. At first we can see his parents talking with other residents of the estate since many parts of the building were rent due to reasons of costs. Lateron they leave through the gate obviously for a walk.

In the second part we can see Brunos wife Erika née de Greiff who has ordered a taxi to their home in Roonstraße 56 in Krefeld for herself and her first 2 children Klaus and Hilde Harlan née von Beckerath in order to meet the grandparents on Cracau castle.

There we see a small family meeting where Klaus welcomes his grandparents impetuously. Furthermore we see the couple Rudi and Irmgard von Beckerath née Böcking with their first son Gernot.

We can also see the garden side of the "Hohe Haus".

Bruno von Beckerath shot this material on the french Pathé-size 9,5 mm with center-perforation. The camera had a manual crank, later a clockwork motor. The left films had a total length of 70 minutes and have been preserved on VHS-video tapes some years ago since their condition became more and more worse. Because also video tapes loose their quality over the years we will digitalize the tapes soon and burn them on modern dvd's. in order to keep them available for later generations.

The background music is the beginning of the second move of Robert Schumans "Rhinish Symphony".