Alfred von Beckerath
* October 4, 1901 in Hagenau/France, † January 7, 1978 in Munich, was a composer, conductor, music pedagogue and stage designer.

Father: Robert Carl von Beckerath (12.7.1864 – 18.8.1918)
Mother: Juliet von Beckerath geb. Flinsch (7.7.1873 - ?)

From 1920 to 1925 Alfred von Beckerath studied music science and composition in Frankfort, Freiburg and Munich. After his study he was busy as a conductor in Wiesbaden and Frankfort.

After world war II he directed the “Theater der Jugend” (theatre of the youth) in Munich. Mid of the 1950’s he took over the direction of the Ingolstadt municipal theatre.

Alfred von Beckerath was a very productive composer. His composatory work mainly comprised symphonies, concerts, cantates, chorus works as far as sonates and operas. They are characterized by classical composatory standards. In 1951 his merits were appreciated by the music award of the city of Munich.

The opera “Frau Holle” belongs to his best known works.

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