Dr. phil. Emil Erwin von Beckerath


born July 31, 1889 in Krefeld, died November 23, 1964 in Bad Godesberg, mennonit, was an economist and university professor.


Father: Emil von Beckerath (26.09.1846 – 24.04.1911)
Mother: Amalie Sofie von Beckerath born Heydweiller (16.10.1854 – 14.11.1948)


Together with Walter Eucken, Franz Böhm and Hans Großmann-Doerth Erwin von Beckerath belongs to the representatives of the ordo-liberalism. Furthermore he was member of class IV of the Academy for German Right that was directed by Jens Jessen. Within this class he managed the study group “Political Economy” that was stopped by the Third Reich in March 1943 as “not war important”.


Inofficially this study group was continued under the name “study group Erwin von Beckerath” that was also called in the history “Third Freiburg Circle”. Its members were more or less clearly connected with the Confessing Church of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.


From 1948 until his death Erwin von Beckerath was chairman of the scientific advisory board at the Federal Ministry of Economics, that took care for a certain continuity in the tradition of the “study group Erwin von Beckerath”. He teached political and economical sciences in Cologne, Bonn and Basel/Switzerland.


The following works belong to his most renown ones: