Herbert von Beckerath

born April 4, 1886 in Krefeld; died March 10, 1966 in Washington (D.C.), was an economist.


Father: Alwin von Beckerath (11.09.1849 - 12.07.1936)
Mother: Maria von Beckerath geb. von der Leyen (12.06.1853 – 12.07.1936)


Herbert von Beckerath was a cousin oft the economist Erwin von Beckerath. In 1914 he gained his professorship for political economy and finance sciences at the university of Freiburg. There he became an unsalaried lecturer. In 1920 he became a full professor of political science in Karlsruhe. After 1922 he teached political economy in Tübingen. In 1925 he was called for a professor of political science and director of the institute for social science of the city of Bonn.


As an opponent oft he Nazi-regime he emigrated to the USA. The country was quite familiar to him due to many business trips before. He was a guest lecturer in Durham and from 1955 on a full professor at the university of North Carolina.