Prof. em. Dr. Jürgen Rudolf Friedrich von Beckerath
* February 19, 1920 in Hanover, is a famous, retired professor of the egyptology.

Father: Dr. Gerhard von Beckerath (29.05.1890 – 20.01.1978)
Mother: Therese von Beckerath born Freein von Eller-Eberstein (26.10.1891 – 05.01.1979)

Jürgen von Beckerath passed his schooltime in Höchst, a district oft he city of Frankfort. 1939 he passed the final high-school examination there. From the following war service he was dismissed due to a war violation.

After the war he began his study of Egyptology in Munich and graduated there in 1950. 1957 he became commissioner and 1963 university lecturer at the university of Munich. In the years 1966 and 1967 he teached as a “visiting professor” at the Coöumbia university in New York. He refused a call to there. In 1970 he became an ordinary professor and institute director at the Westfälische Wilhelms university in Münster from where he retired in 1985. Since that time he still published numerous scientific works.

The most important publications of Jürgen von Beckerath are the “Manual of egyptian king names” and the “Chronology of the pharaonic Egypt”. Today they belong to the standard works of the egyptology.

His most important scientific work is a research of the second intermediate time with which he habilitated.

Today Jürgen is living with his wife Irmgard near the lake Kochel in upper Bavaria.

His most important works:

* Thanis and Theben. Historic basics of the Ramesidenz time in Egypt. Glückstadt – New York 1951
* Research of the history of the second intermediate time in Egypt. Glückstadt – New York 1964
* Digest of the history of the Old Egypt. Munich 1971
* Manual of the egyptian king names. Munich 1984
* Chronology of the egyptian new Reich. Hildesheim 1994
* Chronology of the pharaonic Egypt. Determination of the egyptian history from the antiquity to 332 b.c.. Mainz 1997
* Manual of the egyptian king names. 2nd improved and extended edition. Mainz 1999